Bubbly & Chubby

I’m moving to Iowa in early July to join the faculty at Buena Vista University. So this weekend, I had a farewell visit with one of my sisters, her hubby, and their son. While there, we celebrated my brand-spanking-new Ph.D.* with 2 barbeques, beer, and champagne.

Pics of me and the sis are below.  Just after the pictures were taken she said, "Put my real name in your blog and I will kill you." And, since I am secretly terrified of her in the way that only a younger sister can be of a woman who 1) never quite forgave me for being born (she was the baby for five glorious years) and 2) can, more often than not, use all 7 of her Scrabble tiles on a triple word score, I will comply. Therefore, to all of us in blogland, my next-oldest sister forever will be known as Mrs. Fanny Assingham.**

So here’s me and Fanny. I’m the fascinating redhead in the tiara:

Tiara1 Tiara2

(click on pics to embiggen them, if you dare)

The tiara and earrings were presented to me with the champagne and are what all fashion-conscious preschool princesses and Ph.D. recipients are wearing this summer. Fanny seemed a bit taken aback when I did not remove the tiara for our evening walk. Tcha! I think that anyone who’s known me for 2 minutes, let alone nearly 42 years, would realize that if you give me a tiara, or a cape, or, say, a boa constrictor, I’m going to wear it in public. And talk to strangers while doing so.

Oh, and after looking at these pics and confronting the 17 lbs that I earned along with my new degree, I’m going to up my daily exercise routine, which currently consists of getting out of bed. So I may be writing about that in the near future. And if anyone knows of a patch for Peanut Butter M&M addiction, please tell me.

*no, not a degree in branding. Or spanking.

**Her suggestion. From a Henry James text. James, of whom she is a scholar. Also, she is a literature professor. At a public university. Named after a famous pair of aviation innovators. In Dayton, Ohio. See how well I am keeping her secret identity?***  We little sisters are like that.

***Why must she preserve her secret identity, anyway? Does it involve crime-fighting**** and a spandex suit?

****In this family, more likely grammar-and-pronunciation-correcting.*****

*****The Nu-cue-lar Avenger!


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  1. Bad news: both Rick and I gained weight during the move. This comes of eating Burger King at 10 p.m. because 1. that’s when you’re finally to a point where you can stop and find food and 2. at that point you’e so tired that when you can’t find the parmesan – or a cooking pot – or the spaghetti it will reduce you to unreasonable tears, adn then it’s time to go to BK. Which is why your 17 pounds will soon have company.

  2. Okay. As long as I’m laughing I’m not killing you. So you’re safe so far. Congratulations on your new degree, new job, new blog, new hair color and new exercise plan (as if!). Let’s hope the job and the blog last longer than the hair color and the exercise plan, and only slightly less longer than it took to get to the terminal degree.
    Big Sis

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