A Bit More to the Left

Despite the name of this blog, I currently live to the right of the Mississippi, in Ohio. However, come July 5, I’m moving left to Iowa, thus trading one vowel-laden state name for another. My stuff is shipping out on June 29, meaning that I get to live four days with only a microwave, a blender, a cat, a bird, and an air mattress — let’s hope I stay sane and centered enough not to combine any of these items in any way whatsoever and, if I do, that I remember to put the lid on the blender. On 7/5, I get to drive 12 hours across three states with the bird and the cat and I’m pretty sure that at least one of us will have to be drugged at some point in that trek. Cheetos and Mountain Dew will also be involved.

At any rate, this blog is going on summer hiatus, just like the sitcoms do. We may come back, also just like the sitcoms do, with a new theme song, new characters/actors,* new plot, and Tom Poston. But we won’t be gone as long — look for new bloggy goodness on or around July 15th.***

*I, for one, refuse to work under these conditions. I’m a professional and I deserve top billing and Peanut Butter M&Ms and George Clooney in my dressing room right now! Oh, and a dressing room.**

**One without mops and buckets in it.

***Notice the nifty, color-coded "just the facts" for hurried blog readers, those with short attention spans, and folks who just really, really like blue.


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