Mom! She’s looking at me!

Well, my next-oldest sister, Mrs. Fanny Assingham, has up and gotten herself a big ol’ chunk of bloggy goodness. I won’t say she’s copying me, because then she’ll point out that she had a Ph.D. in English first, and then I’ll have to trump her with my two masters degrees, and then before you know it we’ll be back to some damned blue ceramic egg that I supposedly broke when I was just a tot.* Anyway, check out her blog; my sis Fanny is funny and bitter and literary, a veritable blogosphere trifecta.

*I certainly don’t remember the hypothetical egg or the alleged breakage. But I do remember being tied up with dishtowels and shoved into a closet when I was six or seven — oh, don’t try to deny it, Fanny, you and big bro did that to me when we lived on Mason Road and Mom had gone to town.  I’m the victim here, folks, that’s all I’m saying.


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  1. “The Hypothetical Egg” would be a really good name for a feminist folkie-type group.

    Pity neither of us can hold a tune.

    Anyway, thanks for the plug. High praise from the only person I know I wish I could write like. Damn! you got me so excited I lost my grip on periodic sentencing.

  2. Quite a while ago you had an online project which you linked in the Knitty coffeeshop. I thought it was really interesting and engaging and that Zeke was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I was away from the coffeeshop for a long time and when I looked in, not only did you have a funny blog with more pictures of Zeke, but you have a sister whose blog is just as interesting. I hope you enjoy your new home and your new job. I enjoy your blog.

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