Just one more chapter….

Fanny left a comment asking for a new post….I’m working on it, I’m working on it.  Well, actually I’m working on finishing the new Harry Potter (almost done) and taking pics of Storm Lake (the city) and Storm Lake (the lake) and Storm Lake (the quintessence) for my next entry, (drumroll) STORM LAKE,* which will be posted sometime tomorrow.

Now I have to go shut all my windows because, while the weather is lovely and invites open windows, I’ve just noticed the odor of boiled pork and piggy fear that wafts over town from the Tyson abattoir when the wind is still. That’s what I get for moving to Iowa, the pork capital of the U.S. I guess I should have chosen the chocolate capital, or the free massage and unmbrella drinks capital, or the George Clooney capital……

*I used microsoft word’s thesaurus in the hope of coming up with a term that meant "Storm Lake" but in different words,** which seemed as if it had the (weak) potential for humor. Unfortunately, now I can’t decide if "Tempest Tarn" is funny because it sounds like a porn star name, or just pathetic. Damn pig smell is throwing off my game.

**which we all know is what a thesaurus is for….obviously I need to give this up for tonight and just go to bed.


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  1. are you the inez schaechterle that is the daughter of loretta and gene schaechterle (they lived in yerington, nevada)? if so i am your cousin vera schaechterle, daughter of george schaechterle. i haven’t seen you since you were very little and we lived in sacramento calif. would be good to hear from you and find out about your life.

    vera schaechterle-farris vmfarris@aol.com

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