The rewards of procrastination…

Because one can have neither too many crafts nor too much jewelry, last night I played around with making necklaces from yarn. I began with knitted I-cord, ala this pattern, but found it too terribly frou-frou.*  So I grabbed a crochet hook and cursed my way through learning how to crochet a spiral cord, most typically done with beads on thread. I skipped the beads and relied on the yarn — a varigated ribbon and a varigated cord — to provide the gorgeousness. And I think they did:

(click to enlarge)

For the ribbon necklace, I made a centerpiece from beads and copper wire (yes, I actually have stuff like that around the house) and made a loop-and-button closure at the back.

The centerpiece on the cord necklace is a large glass bead and a button for the loop, so this one closes in front.

Both necklaces are quite flexible and hang nicely. I used small crochet hooks just big enough to manipulate the yarn and began with a cast-on of 4.

The best part is, they were lots of fun to make and a good way to use up single skeins of beautiful, pricey yarn. A skein would easily make 4-8 necklaces, depending on size. My sibs are always after me to sell my jewelry — I can see myself turning out enough of these to sell.  And heck, the sisters & friends might even snag a gift necklace or two.

*I can do gaudy, I can do tacky (often when I don’t even mean to), but I will not do frou-frou.


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  1. So I see you are in an accessory-induced haze, and while you are there, I just want to remind you that you have remnants of a necklace Henry made for me long ago. Hope you haven’t forgotten about it, as I’ve been awaiting its reincarnation into something I can actually get around my neck.

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