Another step toward spinsterhood….

Yesterday, it got a bit more crowded here at Left of the Mississippi — a little orange tabby cat, Amelia, came to live with us. Ooh, feel that? Just now, that little wobble in the Earth’s rotation? That was caused by my siblings and most of my friends simultaneously rolling their eyes and sighing. She got another cat pretty much the first minute she had a chance to. Yeah, that was real unexpected.

I could rationalize Amelia’s adoption. She needed a home and had been living at the vet’s office, Storm Lake’s equivalent of the Humane Society, for weeks. Astrid needs company since I’m starting back to work full time. Zeke was getting lazy and needed another threat to his little birdy life. But the truth is, when I took Astrid to the vet yesterday for her shots, they said they had kittens needing homes (some as young as 3 weeks, abandoned!) and I knew, even as the words, "oh, can I see them?" came out of my mouth, that one was going to be coming home with me. Amelia was the oldest, the cutest, and already fixed. And so here she is. Oh, that red spot on her belly is from an infection from her spaying — she couldn’t leave the stitches alone. It’s clearing up nicely with the antibiotics the vet gave (for free).

AmeliasideAmeliadownAmeliaupThis is the same toy Astrid loved as a kitten. (click to enlarge)

And what does Astrid think about this? See the evil in her eyes AND the waves of hate eminating from her furry little self?
Astridangry Zeke, on the other hand, cares not as long as his cage is sacrosanct and his food supply is unaffected. Here he is, head buried in his breakfast as the kitten plays: Zekebutt


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  1. Kitty!!! Want kitty!!! Picture of Astrid is truly creepy. Do not sleep when she’s nearby, she may do something. The bird, on the other hand, is just eating. I think.

  2. Hi there,

    Do you remember your old Yerington friends? Miss you. Did you lose my address? I’d love to get ahold of you. Please e-mail me.


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