Fate ain’t done with me yet

$18.50 — $18.50!  — to overnight at $26 check to Bowling Green in hopes of avoiding a $30 charge…..good thing I’m math-impaired, or I’d be trying to figure out whether it would have been a better financial deal to flee the country…..


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  1. Um , let’s see. 30-18.50 = 11.50. So, you saved nearly $12. That’s like 4 whole gallons of gas OR 12 coffees OR 4 big bags of Doritos OR 12 bags of M&M’s OR best yet – about 3 Margaritas. So, it was really a bargain…besides, now, you won’t have to be worried about that murder by 2X4 suspicion following you around for the rest of your life.

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