Random mutterings…

Well. My post-conference week has been a whirlwind of marking up students’ rough drafts, drafts I toted all the way to the upper peninsula and yet did not read (nor did I barf on them, however, which is a triumph of sorts, considering how parts of the trip went). This weekend, therefore, has been spent relaxing despite the many things I really need to do around the house.* But next weekend is followed by our fall break, so I’ll get Monday and Tuesday off as well, and I know that if I set myself three major tasks — clean the birdcage, clean the bathroom, and wash and wax the car — then two will get done and the car will remained unwashed and unwaxed. But I have to believe by next Friday morning that I really do mean to wash and wax the car, or the entire system fails and I might just as well lay sod in the bathroom and see if I can buy Zeke a teeny re-breather. Yes, my life is based on purposeful self-delusion.

And now onto a completely different subject. Check out this sweater (click to enlarge).Ugly_1 Now there are a couple of very funny sites that make hay out of such unfortunate knitting and I’m sure I can’t compare with them. But I felt you needed to see this, this travesty. I mean, I bear no particular love for fashion models, what with their cocaine-snorting good looks,** happily vacuous smiles, and channeling of the prince of darkness,*** but forcing anyone to wear that sweater is a violation not only of the laws of human decency, but of the Geneva Convention and the Prime Directive as well.

What is that you say? You like the sweater? Well, you can make this lovely item for as little as $145.00, the "little" referring to the amount of yarn needed to make it in a cocaine-snorting-fashion-model size; normal women will pay $200 or more and, of course, look even more ghastly than this poor lady, even if we don’t use black magic marker for eyeshadow and sell our souls to Satan.****

*the bathroom, for instance, is getting altogether too organic.
**We KNEW Kate Moss couldn’t be THAT skinny at her age and after a couple of kids….
***Look at her eyes and tell me she isn’t at the 660 mile marker of the highway to hell.
****"I sold my soul to Satan and all I got was this hideous sweater!"


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  1. That sweater may be uglier than the enormous, dead pink bunny ‘art’ installation. I’m fairly certain it was meant as a joke and whoever took the picture and whoever put the photo out there didn’t get it.

    Or something.

    They can’t be serious.

  2. So, my dogs would be embarrased to wear that sweater – OK, not Kara – she’s too far gone with doggie dementia, but Norm, he’d pout for hours…sad sad sad state fashion is in.

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