Gators everywhere

A friend emailed me recently to inquire about the radio silence I’m maintaining, so perhaps an explanation is in order. I’M SWAMPED! Before and after Thanksgiving break, my life has consisted solely of reading and marking student drafts, grading final drafts, and meeting with students to discuss said drafts. Sometimes I sleep, but the naps have been damn few. How swamped am I? I’m posting this from my office. On a Sunday. No rest for the wicked, they say, and that evidently applies to the not-wicked-so-much-as-snarky, as well.

But don’t give up on Left of the Mississippi! In the near, unswampy future I have plans to post a pattern for a neat crocheted scarf — quick and pretty and great for late Xmas giving. Also, I want to write about my victory over my cell phone service provider, in which I not only got a new phone (the old one was CRAP) but actually got a credit to my account — yes, I got the notoriously tight-fisted, we’ll just upgrade your service for a small fee, cell phone company to cough up cashola.

So check back in a week or so. ‘Til then, I’ll work on draining my own personal Everglades.


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