Primatology in the Home

Went to see Peter Jackson’s KING KONG last night, which was fabulous — all 3 hours of it. In addition to everything else Jackson does right, he creates a real relationship between Kong and the girl, lifting her above the "Kong’s Barbie Doll" of previous films, which allows for two things: the whole creepy Kong-Wants-Woman thing is gone and the girl, Ann, gets to do something besides scream (although she does a lot of that, too). Not to spoil it for anyone, but I really could have done without the giant bugs and concentrically-fanged worms scene.

In an oddly, or at least topically, related incident, I awoke this morning to find that Amelia the orange tabby terror had snagged my sock monkey off its shelf — the sock monkey I’ve had since age 10 or so, made for me by my eldest sister — and savagely ripped off the red pompom that topped his little sock monkey hat.*

In other news, I’m done with the semester except for grading 4-5 papers and submitting the grades to the university. I’m free, free for 5 (FIVE) weeks. Oh the knitting and reading and recreational napping that shall ensue.

*I never realized before how much flair that requisite pompom added to the whole sock monkey zeitgeist. Without the pompom, the monkey looks rather like a balding sock accountant.


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  1. I could have done without the first 45 minutes of Kong…get to the big monkey already…and, the whole I can kick the shit out of 4 dinos, but 40 bats are too many was hard to believe. It was good forshadowing to the whole Empire State Building and planes, though. Finally, I wasn’t convinced by his sizeness…sometimes he looked awfully Kongly, and others, not so much. Overall, it was good, and I appreciated the 3 hours of not having to be nice to anyone around me. 3 hours of no small talk – priceless.

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