Up with the chickens…

…and well before the parrots–Zeke was muzzy and grumpy this morning. See, the spring semester started Wednesday, which threw me off because here it is Friday, the fifth day of the workweek, and only the third day of classes.* Plus, I still have the cold, despite much napping and vitamin C and Airborne. So last night I tossed and turned in bed and woke to check the alarm clock once or twice, because I HAD to get to school by 7:30 this morning in order to prep for my 8:00 class. And I made it, butt in chair at 7:25, prepped for class by 7:45.

It was then, of course, that I realized that my first class this morning isn’t until 9:00.

*It takes very little to throw me off — off topic, off balance, off of my head. Unfortunately, almost nothing throws me off my feed, as my hips, and the jeans trying to cover them, will attest.**

**Although I have been working out regularly, both weights and cardio, since my last post on the subject. I just haven’t gotten around to eating any less. Still, the workout results are noticeable, with all my girly bits getting a bit higher and tighter and less jiggly. At 42, that’s something to be happy about.


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