Monday swim

Got up this a.m. at 5:30 per usual, so I could hit the gym. Found my living room ceiling merrily dripping away. So I went back to bed, then called the plumber as early as possible (7 a.m., when I’d usually be sweating on the elliptical machine), skipped my shower (I had visions of the whole tub coming through the ceiling) and came in to work. Before I left home, I noticed that Amelia the Very Odd Kitty was already dunking her toys — various mousies and jingle balls — in the pan I’d placed to collect the water drips. I wonder what the plumbers will make of this?

So here I am, stinky and unexercised on a Monday morning. Great start for the week, eh?


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  1. Amelia isn’t so odd. Our cat Figaro loves to soak his toys. We have to keep toilet lids down because otherwise he’ll drop his toy mice inside and splash around merrily trying to get them out again — he thinks that’s the best part — and every morning when I change the kitties’ water bowl, there are a few toys in there, too.

    I’m fascinated about where this behavior might come from. Is it purely play? Do cats wash their food? Very odd!

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