VD Rears its Ugly Head…

Valentines Day and can you believe it — George Clooney didn’t send me flower again!


Zeke, Astrid, and Amelia, however, clubbed together to buy me two novels and two spinning books which, appropriately enough, arrived today from Amazon.com. It’s true: the only love we can depend on is the imputed love of pets that belong to crazy, middle-aged, born-again-spinster* English teachers.

*I was married, but now I’ve discovered and embraced the single life — cat hair, cereal for dinner, and all.


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  1. Well, MY cats ignored me entirely, although they teamed up to give my husband a very sweet Valentine’s Day card. And I got a nice one from him, but do I get any recognition from THEM? Noooooooooooo.

    Also, there’s lots of cat hair at our house, even though we’re married. And while we’ve never quite had cereal for dinner, we have been known to have bacon and eggs.

  2. I got nothing for Vday, either…my hubby has taken a buyers stand against it…so I did too…way less pressure. But, the doggies got an extra bone.

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