No, not the 1967 musical film* or the Kennedy administration, but my current spring semester at my shiny new college professor job. See, my institution is very protective of its new faculty. For my first year, I am expected to teach and that’s about it. No committees. No advisees. No research or conferences, although its okay if I want to do some of those things. There’s just no pressure.

Now, my first semester was stressful as I learned to juggle teaching 4 classes at once, with the accompanying issue of keeping MWF and TTH classes straight when they are on the same subject. But I got the hang of it.

AND, I’ve worked in the real world, in jobs where I had to juggle my duties with endless meetings and extra assignments. So I know what that kind of work like is like.**** What this means, then, is that I am in the blissful situation of Knowing exactly how good I have it right now. Some days, I smile like an idiot all day long.

So here I am. One brief shining semester.

It’s good.

*I loved that movie as a teen, and still adore T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. And even though the movie becomes cheesier ** as I become older, I still bawl when King Arthur says "Run Tim! Run,"*** to the pageboy near the end.

**And what was up with Vanessa Redgrave’s hair?

***this has nothing to do with Lassie. No one has fallen down the well.

****I’m pretty sure it shows up in Dante’s Inferno. And maybe some Bosch paintings ***** as well.

*****And if you like that, you can buy Bosch action figures here.


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