tipping ettiquette question..

So, what do you give to a hairdresser, above and beyond the fee-for-service, who mentions mid-dye job that you are the same age as her mother, whose hair hasn’t gone gray like yours, and then giggles about it for the rest of your visit? How many smacks to the head makes 15% of $38?


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  1. give her 35 cents to call her mom and tell her mom what she just did…then her mom can deal with her stupid daughter and you save your breath. damn kids. but, go back if she did a good job – good colorists are hard to find.

  2. Embrace your gray and keep your $38 plus tip. You’re a beautiful brilliant mature woman with more ability and tact in your fingernail parings than this hairdresser. Emmylou Harris is gray, Steve Martin is gray, even your man George Clooney is gray. That’s the company we should keep.

    It’s time to start a “Gray Pride” movement. Think of it: gray rainbows on our cars’ rear windows–our mantra “No black or white–only shades of gray!” We can be the grayt ladies.

  3. Oh gee. I’d stiff her and find someone else, even if she WAS a good colorist. The giggling nails the coffin for me. As for the rest, well, time will catch up with her, and if she was a really good colorist who knew her stuff she’d know that natural redheads tend to get those pesky white hairs faster than other people with less glorious hair. It’s part of the price of beauty, and possibly something outside of her genepool.

  4. Such a dilemma. I have lived in towns large and small, and I’m sensitive to how hard it is to find a good colorist–and how far one might have to travel from Storm Lake, IA (similar to Rolling Fork, MS) to find a stylist whom one hasn’t yet offended who can both do color and give a good layered short haircut. I think that a witty-yet-signifying-in-a-Miss-Manners-type-way remark is in order, even if delivered post-humiliation, say at the next appointment.

    Herewith some possibilities, along with my notes on them:

    Do you laugh at split ends and thinning hair, too? Or only at graying hair? (Okay, too direct; sure to offend)

    Well, while it is true that my mother did give me prematurely gray hair, at least she also gave me skin that does’t have stretch marks and the ability to have multiple orgasms. (Why not lie outrageiously? And perhaps Miss Manners might snicker even though she wouldn’t approve.)

    Well, while it is true that my mother did give me prematurely gray hair, she also gave me good breeding and compassion for the less fortunate. (Miss Manners would approve)

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