The party thinks its 1899…

Popping in to share this article — Missouri’s House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to forbid use of state funds for contraception for poor women:

"Phillips’ amendment eliminated infertility treatments and
contraception, and substituted alternatives to abortion and prenatal
care for the purpose of giving birth. It also prohibited spending on
any treatment and referrals for any treatment not spelled out in the


"Rep. Kate Meiners, a Kansas City Democrat and an abortion opponent,
said Phillips intended her amendment to be a statement against
abortion. But Meiners said she feared it would have the opposite effect
by creating more unplanned pregnancies.

But Phillips said she was comfortable with the change because the
group Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Catholic Conference
supported it."

Now, states can’t refuse to fund services that are included in the Medicaid schedule for medicaid-eligible women, without endangering their Federal Medicaid funds, I believe. But the state CAN refuse funds to women who are poor, but not destitute enough to qualify for Medicaid.

Of course, Missouri is also on the short list for outlawing abortion in this whole South Dakota to the Supreme Court rabid anti-woman-rights rush. I guess Missouri realizes that Bush and Co. need the babies of poor women to fight their wars, just like in the good old days. And since the passage of Roe V. Wade, as a culture we’ve forgotten what botched, illegal abortions look like and do — they don’t just kill women, they leave families without wives, mothers, and daughters.

Here, however, is a link to the roster of the Missouri House of Representative members, complete with email addresses, including Phillips. Go to town, folks.


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