A yarn-like product….

In early February, I bought a spinning wheel and began playing with wool. And after nearly 2 months of alternately practicing on the wheel, practicing on a home-made drop spindle,* ignoring the spinning wheel and instead napping, reading,** or knitting, I have produced nearly 3 yards of two-ply wool ultrayarn. Yarnique. Yarnette.**** A yarn-like substance, at any rate.

Here is my two-ply effort:Yarn

And here is the yarnique with the wool that came with the wheel. Some kind of wool from some kind of sheep. Not, as it appears below, sheep’s intestine. I think.

So the spinning is thus far a success, or at least an ultrasuccess. Successique. Successette. It will continue, as the napping, knitting, and reading allow.

*except I used a dowel and a crystal door knob.

**often reading about spinning techniques, because I’m obsessive that way, as well as re-reading Robin McKinley’s Spindle’s End, which is a fabulous retelling of "Sleeping Beauty"***

***A fairy tale about me would be titled "Napping Looks-okay-in-dim-light."

****Ultrasuede, diamondique, leatherette — you get the idea.

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  1. Great job! Don’t give up on the wheel. It will reward you for your time, attention and patience. It will soon produce the most beautiful things you’ve ever touched and you will consider it among your best friends…I love my Babe.

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