Many people believe, or at least are fond of saying, "When God closes a door, (s)he opens a window." Well, animal lovers know that such a sentiment is better expressed as "When one beloved kitty passes on, another shows up on the doorstep." And so it was with the new resident at Left O’Mississippi, a little, puma-colored kitten we’ve named Squinty McGee.* More info and pictures soon.

*We tried a cute little kitten name, honest: first Chirp, then Cricket. But Squinty McGee is just so obviously her name.


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  1. Inez,I’m so sorry about Amelia! I know that you and Zeke and Astrid will miss her. Feline leukemia is a wretched thing.

    May Squinty have a long, healthy, hilarious life. Or nine.

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