Teeny tiny sweater

My more-or-less sister-in-law (her brother and I are amicably divorced) announced late last fall that she was pregnant with her first child. Being the dutiful and loving mol sil that I am, I immediately cast on to knit a baby surprise sweater,  a nifty little origami-like pattern that knits out all funky but folds up into a tiny garment (hit the forward button). I am not a fast knitter. I knit and knit and knit, and finally had to face the fact that by the time I finished the baby surprise sweater, the baby would be entering junior high.

I knit slowly, but I crochet like a fiend.* So yesterday, I looked around online for a crochet baby sweater and found this neat pattern at Crochetme.com. I pulled out my pathetic amount of knitting and started and, after about 3.5 hours of crochet and sewing up, I produced this: (click to enlarge):

SweaterThe green block is really more of an eye-popping lime green. And the green block and turquoise block and matching trim are there because, after knitting the whole back, arms, and part of the fronts, I ran out of yarn. The store here was also out of that yarn, and the nearest Hobby Lobby is 60 miles away. So I bought the lime green and turquoise and decided hey, what we have here is a design feature!

I think the cute dragonfly buttons help pull the whole thing together (the flys’ bodies are also eye-popping lime green in real life):

ButtonsSo that’s how I (mis)spent my weekend.

*giggling maniacally with smoke pouring from my ears.


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  1. Cute sweater. Almost lost Norman this past week. See my blog for the gory details. I’m wondering how I’m supposed to write my diss with all this canine tragedy in my life.

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