Of houses and hound dogs….

Well, I’m 1/3 of the way moved into the house, with much more moving to come between now and Saturday.

Because I’ve been renting ever since leaving the college dorms around age 19,* I have never painted a room. I lost that innocence yesterday, and like most other innocence-taking milestones, it was sweaty, painful, and ultimately kind of a let down.

The room was the only one in the house with an icky color — who wants a mauve bedroom? *** So I picked out a nice, pale, sagey green, taped the windows and light switches, spackled the nail holes, and went to town. One thing that made this such a chore, I think, is that the room has wooden trim not only around the edges of the ceiling, but also running down each corner. Such a lot of work to do the trim before each coat on each wall.

Now, I realize that a) many people paint rooms for a living and b) others do it just for fun. And it’s not like I was being forced or that painting a room is on par with breaking rocks at Folsom Prison ala Johnny Cash.**** But still, I discovered yesterday that room painting is no big thrill for me and, given the lack of thrill, a damn lot of work. So next time I buy a house with a mauve bedroom, I’m going to do one of two things: either lose 30 lbs, chat up some guy in a bar, and get him to do it, or just buy a mauve bedspread and go with the flow.

In other news, and as if being in the middle of a move isn’t enough, today I brought home a dog. Ricky, named for the Red Baron, was at a shelter in Spencer, Iowa, about 40 miles away. When I saw his picture and his description, I knew he was THE dog for me, and I went down the next day and adopted him. Then I waited 5 days to bring him home, and he’s even now snoozing on the living room floor. And he is, indeed, the perfect dog.

Ricky is a beagle/shepherd mix, ~ 3 y.o, 30 lbs, shorter than knee height. When I picked him up today, he immediately wanted in the car. I folded down the backseats of my hatchback and loaded him in, hoping his car manners would be good enough to save us from an accident on the ride home. What a gentleman. He understood that the back area was for him and he stayed there. He put one tentative paw between the front seats at one point and I said "No." He backed right up.

We took a walk, which he adored, and then came home for the big kitty & bird meeting about an hour ago. Ricky has completely ignored the cats. He was interested in their food dishes, but I said NO and he just walked away. Again, a little bit of interest in Zeke, but NO was all that was needed. The cats are very confused because, while I doubt they want Ricky to chase them around the house, his complete indifference is undermining their self esteem. Astrid is staying away but Squint just walked right past Ricky’s nose to hop into the window.

If only internet dating were this easy and guaranteed such good results.

So here’s some pics of our newest (and final, barring attrition) addition. Notice that he has one blue eye and one brown eye. The fleece toy was given to him at the shelter and he carried to the car in his mouth! (click to enlarge).


*You know, just a bit over three years ago**
**in dog years. In middle-aged lady years, it was yesterday.
***The previous owners, you might answer, but, having experienced painting over dark mauve, I’m pretty sure they moved just to avoid repainting it themselves.
****Who would have painted the room black


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  1. What a cutie! He looks like a great dog, and he’s clearly very bright.

    Painting is messy and sweaty work. I’m facing wallpaper removal at my new digs. Getting it off the walls and then repainting is going to be an adventure for me. I’m not enthusiastic about the process, but I just can’t live with the large and horrid pink and green rosebuds.

  2. I will say one thing unequivocally (sp. ??)–you have a tremendous knack for picking pets with really powerful personalities–the kind that even come through in photos. However, I do want to see a blog entry following the first time Inez leaves these four (4!) guyzos home alone for a significant period of time (at least 2 hours).

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