No, really….I bought a house

Given that I waited until age 42 to settle down in a house and that I’m always complaining about my lack of funds, I’m betting that some of my friends and family don’t think I purchased a home. That my medication is off, yes. Bought a home, no.

But here is proof: pictures, with the pets, even. Of course, if my medication IS off, I might have just sneaked the pets into a poorly secured house for a photo shoot….you be the judge.

Click on pics to embiggen.

This first series are the front of the house, the back, and the view out my front door. That pretty tree in the front is a silver maple. The tree in the back is none too healthy and may have to come down.


The next series is the living room, complete with new loveseat and chair/ottoman. Notice Zeke’s palatial new Living_room

The next set includes the bedroom* (which is level, despite my photography), the office, which needs more wall art and which will function as the guest bedroom complete with futon, and the bathroom. The tub is not plumbed or tiled for a shower, something that I hope to change in a few years.


Here’s the kitchen. I love how bright it is — three windows!


Finally, we come to the basement. Notice the corner ‘o catness; nice to have litter boxes out of the main house. That big, stainless steel sink was left by the previous owners — I have visions of dog washing and wool dyeing, possibly all at once. That’s the shower stall next to the sink. Part of the basement has been "finished" (if finished means painting and slapping carpet onto the cement floor) and it is my book/sewing/yarn room. I don’t imagine you really want to see the basement stairs, but Astrid was on them and she’s not in any other pics.


So that’s the house. I’m loving it, but then, I haven’t had to make a payment yet….

*Despite my agonizing over finding just the right shade of sage green for the bedroom walls, my careful comparisons of color cards, etc., the bedroom walls are mint green. Not a bad thing, but they sure as hell aren’t sage. This is the paint companies’ fault; can’t they name their shades informative names like, say, sage green, instead of "Loma Linda" ** and "Desert Stone"?

**Which is what I finally chose. I should have remembered that Loma Linda, CA is largely known for its hospital. Which is probably painted, on the interior, mint green….


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  1. Super Congrats, Inex, the place looks great. Color me jealous, because that place would go for 300,000 easy anywhere in Calgary.

    I’d be a little scared having the books in the basement, is their any sort of flood threat, from either leaky walls or frozen pipes?


  2. Ooo, basement for cat-corner-ness. Total house envy.

    And I hope your real-life friends accept this as evidence because, while I understand smuggling pets into abandoned houses, smuggling dishes in as well just seems, mmm, a little *much.*

  3. Congratulations on the new house, Inez. Looks like everyone and everything has a place. 🙂 You’ll have to be sure to send me your new mailing address as sending it to Kurt is hopeless since he forgets to write them down!

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