Pathfinder Rickeye

So now I have a dog, a loyal companion, a protector, a creature who obviously prides himself on his powers of nose.

And, as so often happens when we trust males, it is all a lie.

Last night, round about midnight, I jerked awake to the sound of shattering glass. Astrid kitty had pushed a tall drinking glass off the end table and onto the living room floor.* I jumped up, discovered the source of the noise, and swept up the glass. Did Ricky bound out of the bedroom to route the possible intruder and defend me? He didn’t even wake up.

Today, as we walked in the park, Ricky was avidly following a rabbit or squirrel scent trail — probably hours old. While doing so, he nosed right over and then stepped on a large garter snake. And Ricky continued on his rabbity quest, not even noticing the snake. Such a hunter, he is.

So here’s a pic of the great warrior himself. Tummy

*her favorite thing to do when she feels she is not receiving the proper amount of worship.


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