So why no new musings, messages, mopings, etc?  Because 1) classes start next Monday and meetings start this Thursday and while I’ve done a bit of work on each of my 3 syllabi, no one syllabus is done, and 2) I turn 43 on Thursday and while in the long view, aging doesn’t bother me, the short view makes me hyperventilate and 3) I need to clean all my sterling silver jewelry so I can look polished and sparkly for school (see the entry from last August 8) and 4) I’m weaning myself off of the naps I’ve enjoyed every single afternoon since mid-May* and the weather has stopped being searingly hot and is instead in the upper 70s and lower 80s and it’s raining every two or three days and remember that little rush I got from mowing my lawn** back in searingly hot June? Yeah, that goes away when, 3 days after you’ve mowed, the damn grass has grown so much no one would guess you had mowed and if you don’t mow again soon, you’ll need to hire a threshing machine and it probably won’t be operated by a shirtless, Midwestern, George Clooney look-alike.

*Recreational napping. Try it.

**first time to mow a lawn, any lawn, ever.


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  1. Good luck on the syllabi! I’m in a somewhat similar boat — not yet done prepping my toughest class — so I can sympathize.

    And happy birthday a few days early! Since I turn 46 in a few weeks, I can definitely sympathize on this one. Yes, the short view can be scary. Buy yourself something extravagant, preferably involving chocolate.

    Re lawns: we’ve solved this problem by filling our front yard with gravel and maintaining a vast tract of dirt in the back. It saves on water, and the quail love it.

    But I guess those options may not be as practical in the Midwest!

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