Taking a Walk with Ricky

Since Ricky came to live with me on June 7, I’ve taken him for 2 walks each and every day. The result of this is 1) a happy dog, 2) a smaller butt (me, not the dog), and 3) a greater appreciation for Storm Lake and the parks around it. So this morning, I thought I’d photodocument our walk (but not my butt — it is safe to read on).

First, this is the view I get of Ricky for most of our walk. Notice how tight the leash is — this dog is in high gear:

Every bush and hedge must be evaluated for H.B.P.*:

After walking about 10 minutes, we see the lake at the end of the street:

Our destination is Scout Park, tucked in behind the BVU campus. Here’s the park sign. Do you get the impression the sign maker had just about had it with Storm Lake and its many parks? (click on pic)

The park has a functioning lighthouse (and delusions of grandeur), sailboat docks, and Ricky’s second favorite quarry, ducks.**

Near the end of our walk, you can tell Ricky is getting tired. Note the slack in the leash:

Still, he doesn’t want to go home. He plays “Goodnight Moon,” sniffing at any- and everything in an attempt to delay the end of the walk. On school days, I empathize, but I and the rest of the livestock want our breakfasts.

Finally, we make it into the kitchen, where Ricky gets his end-of-walk treat. Not a bad life for a formerly stray dog.

*Hidden Bunny Potential.
** His favorite quarry is Canadian Geese. Being let off leash to chase 40 or more Canadian geese into the air and water is just about as much excitement as a little black dog can take.


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