Midwest Winds

Last autumn, I posted to brag about how wonderful Midwest autumn is.

This is a retraction.

THIS autumn, it’s windy. Windy even when it isn’t cloudy and rainy and I know, I shouldn’t complain as long as the sun is shining, and I must admit that it might have been this windy (but definitely warmer) last autumn, BUT. BUT, last autumn, I wasn’t walking Ricky twice a day and thus was not out in the wind so much. AND, while you think I’d be used to the twice a day walking schedule by now, the wind does something to Ricky’s little doggy brain. See, most of the time he’s a fairly well-mannered walker. He’s very excited and pulls on the leash for about 15 minutes, then calms down and we both enjoy the walk. The wind, though, rushes into that Beagly nose and sends an intoxication of scents straight to his little Beagly medulla oblongata and his cerebellum shorts out and it’s as if umpteen-thousand years of evolution and domestication never happened. He’s simply a nose connected to a desire to chase and rend.* And that entity is connected to the leash I’m holding and you’d be surprised at the traction 35 lbs of determined doggy chasing nothing but scents can maintain on wet grass.

Anyway, here are some pics from yesterdays breezy walk. (click on pic to enlarge)

Storm Lake lives up to its name — it’s shallow, so it gets pretty dramatic on windy days:

We saw a duck with two small ducklings. Hope these little guys survive autumn. Ricky wanted to run out into the water after them, but I told him we don’t chase babies. He looked at me, obviously thinking, “Why the Hell not?”Ducks

Here’s Ricky playing in the water. He loves to snap at the tops of waves.

And see how those floppy ears ride the breeze?

One more Ricky pic. The wind makes his tail flags fly:

*or, if not quite rend, chew and cause to squeak. Some domestication can’t be altered — Ricky views small animals as primitive plush squeaky toys.


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