Monthly Archives: October 2006

Update and Shutdown

Well, school got all busy — the problem with assigning papers is that then you have to read ’em — and I haven’t written in a while. Consequently, I do have stuff to tell.

First, a few weeks ago I visited a new colleague at her emu farm. Yup, they raise emus for meat and oil. Took my camera and here are some pics. In the first, you can see that emus are really just ambulatory feather dusters. In the second, you can see that they are ambulatory, featherdustery dinosaurs:


Second, I’m going to mothball Left o’Mississippi for 3 or 4 months. See, my student loans are coming due and in order to keep Uncle Sam, Toyota, and my mortgage company happy, I’ve got to cut some expenses. Thus, I’m canceling my broadband service for a few months.* I’ll still have Internet access at work, but while there I really should be grading papers rather than posting to my blog. Silly, I know, but there you go. People who email me should know that I can still access all my accounts from work.

Still I wouldn’t want to leave you without a Ricky and Zeke fix. Here’s Ricky reminding us all that his life is nothing but miserable drudgery:

And here’s Zeke, our resident dinosaur, saying "check back around February for more bloggy goodness:

*I chose cable TV over Internet access. Yes, I love the Internet, but salivating over the guys on Supernatural every Thursday night is closest I’ve come to a date in ages.

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