My First Blizzard

Yup, here in NW Iowa, and across the entire upper Midwest, we’ve had us a real, old fashioned blizzard. I’m sorry to say that the crappy weather is entirely my fault — I finally broke down an ordered a snow blower (ordered online because electric yard appliances* have not yet reached NW Iowa***) and of course is hasn’t been delivered yet (delivery held up by snowfall across the upper Midwest, you see). And you know that as soon as my snow blower is delivered, the clouds will part, the birds will sing, and spring will come peeping over the windowsill, tra-la.

Anyway, you can tell how bad the snow itself (10″ in Storm Lake according to the Nat’l Weather Service) and the blowing snow and resulting poor visibility and snow drifts are by the fact that the university closed. We’re a residential university — most students live on campus and STILL we closed at noon Thursday and are closed today. Snow is drifted up to 30″ in some places, 20″ more commonly around my neighborhood. I took Ricky for a walk this morning and he almost didn’t make it out the driveway — the snow was deeper than he is tall. The roads have been plowed, so he enjoyed most of the walk, but he sure didn’t want to leap through the driveway drifts again at the end!

Here are some pics of my snowy neighborhood (click pic to embiggen):

My next door neighbor’s garage

My backyard facing my neighbor’s fence

And here’s how Ricky plans to spend the day. Right now, he’s savaging his squeaky duck. Later, he’ll take a nap while I try to knit.



As for me, I have some novels, some chocolate, and some grading to ignore, which will make the first two items all the sweeter.

*My electric lawn mower is something of curiosity in my neighborhood. Children point. Men ask me how many times I’ve run over the cord.**

**None, sillies. It’s like vacuuming, and maybe if YOU helped out around the house more, you could manage an electric lawnmower!

***NW Iowans seem to regard non-motorized yard care machinery as a sign of the apocalypse. If John Deere ever makes an electric mower, then we’ll see.


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  1. I’m sure this isn’t supportive, but I’m just so, so, so glad I’m not still there. Should I mention grass trying to turn green here? Or that it will be 60 in Reno on Sunday? 64 by Thursday? Will that convince you to come visit, if only to kill me? (But I’m safe – planes aren’t flying, are they?)

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