General Reportage

This entry is just an mulligatawny of what’s been going on lately in and around "Oats":

  • Storm Lake has dug out from the blizzard, although I haven’t had a mail delivery or pick up since Wednesday. My goal today is to dig the interior of the house out from dog hair.
  • My account of my breast lump surgery was selected for last week’s Grand Rounds, "the weekly round-up of the best of the medical blogosphere." Yay to my pal Susan for suggesting I send it in.
  • Speaking of Susan, there’s an interesting conversation on her blog about the relationship between Belief (capital "B" for spiritual belief) and willingness to suspend disbelief in reading fiction. Check it out.
  • In an earlier post, I describe how people NOT looking for "Sowing Mild Oats" or "Left of the Mississippi" (old blog name) end up here due to internet search terms. I thought I’d share with you the most recent non-Oats/Mississippi search terms that landed folks at this blog: "Breast can smashing" and "dominatrix tongue depressors." I can only wonder.


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  1. Don’t know about the tongue depressors. Not sure I want to. *shudders*

    But I’m definitely checking out the Belief/suspending disbelief!

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