Well, on Monday I had two of the cutest little shepherd-mix puppies at my house….for about 1/2 an hour. Then the nice police

man took them to our local no-kill shelter, where I’m sure they’ll find a good home.

I was walking Ricky that morning and these two puppies came dashing out of an open garage to ambush the Rickster. It was clear that now that they’d found us, they were going to follow us to the ends of the earth or home, whichever came first. I checked the garage, then asked at the attached house — not their puppies. Nor the next door neighbors — the pups, which were filthy, had probably just gone into the garage to sleep after running who knows how far. So the pups came home with us and I put them in our garage and fed them, then called to make pup placement arrangements.

Oh, neither had collars, but the male had a cord so tight around his neck I thought I’d have go into the house for scissors to cut it off. It pulled off finally, and he was a very good boy during the procedure.

Ricky was glad to see them go, and made it quite clear to me that a puppy would not be a welcome addition to our fambly. But I gotta tell you, if I had been dogless, I’d now have two new puppies. They were pretty darn cute!

Here’s some pics (click to enlarge). The spotty one is male and the German-shepherdy looking one is female. They would wrestle with one another at the drop of a hat.





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  1. Awwww how cute! I’d have had a tough time letting those little beasties go, too. I’m sure they’ll find wonderful families.

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