Miss Violetta Q. Biscuit


I just adopted a little adult Havanese/terrier mix dog. She was
surrendered to the local private shelter because the family layed new
carpeting and didn’t want to deal with the occasional poo that comes in
on a long-haired dog’s behind. Can you imagine? Clean bill of health
from the vet. She’s a doll and Ricky is dealing with this pretty well.
Her name was Biscuit, but I’m calling her Violet. She deserves a bright, pretty name.

I don’t have pics yet, but you can check out her petfinder entry.

I’ll tell you the full story this weekend.


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  1. 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bird (are there more?) That’s awesome! Mark will only let me have Buster & Molly, otherwise we would have a horse in the back yard (Seattle laws be damned!). Congrats on Miss Violet – Ricky will love having a sister!

  2. Remember telling me recently that your entries were back up on the internet? So I had some time today to catch up on your musings. Sweet Marie!!!! What about telling me about the Quaker commitment? the 2nd dog? the brandy and cherry juice? You’ve always blabbed everything, Inez. How did all this slip by me?

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