Roll Call

Well, seeing as how I’ve added yet another animal* to my family, I thought I’d provide a pictorial roll call of the creatures currently residing at Chez Schaechterle. Here, in order of adoption, are my companion poop-machines, er, I mean companion animals:

(click pics to embiggen)

ZEKE — Quaker parrot, microwave-popcorn-is-ready alarm, and lord of the household***


ASTRID — Grumpy kitty princess. Notice her good taste in napping on a Calvin & Hobbes collection***


SQUINT–Rubenesque orange kitty. Loves to play in water. Motto: “Death to plastic juice bottle rings!”***
(the extra pic of Squinty is there just for my buddy Jennfire)




RICKY — Beagle/Husky mix. Terror of the local duck population and rabbit chaser extraordinaire. Lovely manners and a true beagle nose***


VIOLET– Havanese mix. Giving Ricky a run for his money (or bunny) in the rabbit chasing department. Has a minimum daily requirement of belly rubs***


ALFIE — Andean alpaca. Loves carrots, alfalfa, and CSI Miami***

SPIKE — Cuban boa constrictor. Currently working on his M.S. in rodentology via the University of Phoenix***

LEGS — Tarantula Hawk Wasp. In case, you know, I ever get a tarantula and need to keep it in line***


And so that’s my current count of household pets. And really, when you add up all the food I buy and meals I serve and pet hair I vacuum up and poops I deal with, it’s still less work than taking care of one man.

*The italics represent the bemused voices of my siblings. “That crazy Inez,” they’re thinking. “If she dies in a bizarre gardening accident,** I’m not taking in her damn menagerie.”

**Ha, joke’s on them. I loathe gardening. Now a bizarre knitting-Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD-Peanut Butter M&M accident — that’s possible.

***It’s possible that some pictures are of animals that do not, in the strictest sense,**** live here. But really, it’s only a matter of time, right?

****The strictest sense being, well, the truth.


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  1. The alpaca will stomp the boa, the boa will eat the birds, the bird will eat the wasp….You’ve got a food chain there

  2. So—-are you REALLY acquiring all these critters so you can truthfully tell us we have to stay in a motel or bread and breakfast when we come to Storm Lake? Hmmmm?

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