As if medical school isn’t tough enough…

So. Today I go to my general practitioner for my
annual exam — pap, pelvic, etc. The nurse tells me that a male med
student from U. of Iowa is in town shadowing my doctor and do I mind if
he attends the exam? Well, being the born teacher that I am, I say yes.

Of course we’re chatting as the doctor does the exam. Around about the
time she starts on the pelvic, I ask the med student if he got his
undergrad at BVU here in town, where I teach. No, he says, but the
doctor mentions that his mother is a student there. Well, now I know
exactly who he is, because we have very few non-traditional students.

“So, your mother’s reading a paper on Friday at our Scholars’ Day event,” I say to him.

“Yes,” he says.

“And you’ll be going to hear her and then attend the banquet,” I say.

“Yes”….(now he sounds worried).

“Well, I’ll see you at both events,” I tell him. “I’m your mother’s faculty sponsor!”

Poor kid. He has to have dinner with his mother’s professor…and he
already knows all about my IUD, my breast surgery, has seen the tattoo on my thigh….


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