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President Bush
said on Thursday that mass shootings are a reminder that people must be
willing to raise a red flag about others’ disturbing behavior.”

You mean behavior like stealing an election and lying to start an unjust and unwinnable war? Or just little things, like shooting fellow hunters in the face? Or maybe he means politically motivated firings?


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  1. Or little thing like laws so ineffectual that deranged persons can purchase rapid-fire weapons?

    Or that, with all the lawyers that we turn out in this country, we still don’t have a sane interpretation of the 2nd Amendment?

    Or the fact that the Supreme Court and the Religious Right seem to be more concerned about preventing a woman from ending one pregnancy than about preventing an emotionally disturbed person from blowing away the fruit of 32 pregnancies lovingly brought to term?

  2. Tipp City–that’s just 20 minutes north of here. But you gotta be proud of Dayton’s Dem mayor, Rhine McLin. When the White House issued what amounted to a command invitation to greet W less than 24 hours before his speech, she turned them down. Said she had some important work to do.

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