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Still grading.

But, why am I showing you this pic? Talk among yourselves.


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I’ve Lost All Control of This Household

I should be grading right now, so instead I’ll share with you last night’s happenings.

Every night at bedtime, Ricky curls up right in the center of the bed, evidently hoping that one special night I’ll say, “yeah, you keep the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.” So last night, like every night before, I chided him into taking his accustomed space at the foot of the bed. Then I went to brush my teeth. I came back to find this (click to embiggen):


Close up:
Extreme close up:

Yes, I made her move. About 6 inches to the right — she’s just so damn cute.

And yes, I have washed those sheets in between this pic and the earlier Violet-is-so-damn-cute pink sheet pic.

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Two weeks until the end of school, two and a half if you count graduation, which I should since all faculty have to robe up and attend. I’ve been having very unQuakerly thoughts about a couple of my students, their terrible, late, obviously-didn’t-look-at-the-assignment, depending-upon-weak-charm-rather-than-actual-work papers, and the Ordeal of a Thousand Paper Cuts.

Neither Jesus nor George Fox taught freshman composition.

Okay, I guess crucifixion for the world’s sins and oppression and continuous time in ooky English prisons trumps the end of the semester. I hate putting things into perspective.

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Leather Jacket O’My Dreams…

Last week, I wrote about the leather motorcycle jacket that a student painted for me. In particular, I mentioned that over the course of time, I’d dreamed first about a jacket featuring Day of the Dead skeleton art, then about a jacket painted with an aggressively feminist symbol from mythology, like the Morrigan or a gorgon, and, most recently, I’d thought about a jacket that featured some sort of motorcycle club/tattoo art image of knitting, like a flaming skull over crossed knitting needles.

Then I said that the design being painted on my jacket featured all three ideals. And here it is — the three Fates, imagined as Day of the Dead skeletons, spinning AND knitting the lives of men, and the gothy/motorcycle-y, highly nihilistic phrase, "Gonna die anyway, might as well knit."  I love it!

Click on pics to embiggen.


Left sleeve, with beginning of motto:Jacket_sleeve

Medallion on right lapel:Jacket_lapel

The little girl skeleton in her pink party dress is my favorite!
Now, I just have to wait until fall brings cool weather to wear this bad girl!

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