Leather Jacket O’My Dreams…

Last week, I wrote about the leather motorcycle jacket that a student painted for me. In particular, I mentioned that over the course of time, I’d dreamed first about a jacket featuring Day of the Dead skeleton art, then about a jacket painted with an aggressively feminist symbol from mythology, like the Morrigan or a gorgon, and, most recently, I’d thought about a jacket that featured some sort of motorcycle club/tattoo art image of knitting, like a flaming skull over crossed knitting needles.

Then I said that the design being painted on my jacket featured all three ideals. And here it is — the three Fates, imagined as Day of the Dead skeletons, spinning AND knitting the lives of men, and the gothy/motorcycle-y, highly nihilistic phrase, "Gonna die anyway, might as well knit."  I love it!

Click on pics to embiggen.


Left sleeve, with beginning of motto:Jacket_sleeve

Medallion on right lapel:Jacket_lapel

The little girl skeleton in her pink party dress is my favorite!
Now, I just have to wait until fall brings cool weather to wear this bad girl!

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  1. I love it! I think I have that same jacket in the back of my closet. Back in high school, I was always jealous of my best friend’s painted leather jacket. Maybe I should have mine done now, too.

  2. Too, too cool! (And very Inez!) I like the pink party dress, too. What’s the meaning of the ram/sheep, though? Is that where they get the wool for their knitting?

  3. That is even cooler than I ever would have guessed! Your friend/student did a great job, and the design is far more strangely sinister than anything knitting themed should be. Congrats!

  4. That is incredible work! That is a perfect combination of your themes. I was going to say synergistic, but that word has been ruined by business-speak.

  5. Alrighty-now. I want a detailed description, with many footnotes, of where you wear it first (Faculty get-together? Quaker meeting? After-graduation party?), and the observed reactions. I live in Kansas. I crave excitement.

  6. it’s gorgeous and genius! I’m not usually crazy about skeletons or pink girly dresses, but when put together with such flair, oh my, yes.

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