Two weeks until the end of school, two and a half if you count graduation, which I should since all faculty have to robe up and attend. I’ve been having very unQuakerly thoughts about a couple of my students, their terrible, late, obviously-didn’t-look-at-the-assignment, depending-upon-weak-charm-rather-than-actual-work papers, and the Ordeal of a Thousand Paper Cuts.

Neither Jesus nor George Fox taught freshman composition.

Okay, I guess crucifixion for the world’s sins and oppression and continuous time in ooky English prisons trumps the end of the semester. I hate putting things into perspective.


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  1. >>Neither Jesus nor George Fox taught freshman composition.

    True. And the arcane set of skills known as “information literacy,” which I thanklessly teach, was still centuries away!

  2. Thank you for making me laugh! I used to think I hated in-class exams, until I found out that I disliked grading semi-literate, semi-informed, not-at-all coherent student papers even more. Hang in there. Freshmen were created to test us.

  3. You have my profound sympathies, since I, too, have taught Freshman Comp (and will be teaching it again next fall). Just remember that Jesus had his bad days, too: cursing the fig tree, flogging the moneylenders out of the temple, telling a desperate mother that her daughter was a dog. (He apologized for that last one and made it right: still, it wasn’t one of his finer moments.)

    Sometime you can probably get a comic essay out of “What Would Jesus Do With Freshman Comp Students.” 🙂

  4. You do a good job Inez. And remember there are those of us students who likes you even when you want to curse our horrible writing skillz. Haha.

  5. The end is near!

    Cool tees you sent to Kurt!

    Sidenote…it’s weird seeing you all “Quakerish” when I only know you as a goddess worshiper. Takes some getting used to.

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