Capitol of the World, Dude!

One of our local newspapers declared a few weeks ago that Storm Lake is poised to become the Chainsaw Art Capitol of the World. Take that, Colorado Springs!

Storm Lake has a resident. full time chainsaw artist who owns a studio called Runaway Saws.* His work is surprisingly detailed, given both his medium and his tools. I’ve seen him working, more than a dozen chainsaws of varying sizes laid out ready for use.

Anyway, the city decided to hire Mr. Klatt to carve up to 30 tree stumps throughout the city. Three have been done thus far, two of which are pictured below. While the pics below are of sculptures located near the lake and thus have a water theme, the work at his studio is much more varied, including the ubiquitous Last Supper. Who knows what’s going to spring up, or more accurately, be whittled down, around town?

Here they are, the pelican and the light house: (click to embiggen)


Pelicanclose Pelicanbase


*I’m not sure this name inspires confidence.

Middle Earth Mileage, Hobbiton to Rivendell: 15.5 — “Begin to sing. Walk through a deeply cloven track between tall


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  1. I didn’t know that the city I live near was the chainsaw art capital… but it would make sense, as there’s Black Forest just a little ways away, and there are always trees being knocked down (wind, snow, trucks). 😀

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