No turkeys or watermelons….

My next-oldest sis and her husband lived for years with no car, using their bicycles for nearly every shopping/working/entertainment need. They are, belatedly, one of the inspirations for my own recent bicycleosity, since they were slim and healthy* and since Storm Lake is very bike-able and I’d like to save $ on gas and have my car last at least 8 years past the time it’s paid off.

Anyway, they toted their groceries home on their bikes, in backpacks, and they used to say they could buy and enjoy anything except whole turkeys or watermelons.

So this morning I made my first bike trip to the store. There and back was about 3.5 miles, so it wasn’t any great effort and now I pretty much have to ride to the store in bike-able weather, barring the need for turkeys, watermelons, bulk dry pet food, or Diet Pepsi 12-packs on sale. I bought a set of panniers with my bike and following is the list of what I managed to pack into them, which was just about the limit of their capacity. I’m having company for dinner tomorrow night — I’m serving southwestern pizzas** and root beer floats — so usually I’d be buying a bit less stuff:

1/2 gallon of milk, 2 liters of root beer, 1/2 gallon of ice cream, 2 pre-made pizza shells, 1.5 lbs grapes, 6 bananas, box of cereal, box of drinking straws, 3 boxes of tea, can of chilies, a red pepper, a mango, box of boca burgers, AND I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT THE JACK CHEESE. GRR.***

*if you don’t count the smoking, which they’ve since quit.

**one black bean and green chili pizza and one mango and red pepper. The sauce is a 15 oz. can of chopped tomatoes, pureed and seasoned with the juice of the green chilies and a bit of cumin and lime, cooked down to pizza sauce consistency. Yumm.

***I’ll probably use the car for the cheese, since Diet Pepsi was, indeed, on sale.

Middle Earth Mileage, Hobbiton to Rivendell: 26 miles — “Road rolls up and down” still. Mile 32 is when they meet the first Black Rider. Let’s hope that doesn’t translate into a Humvee….


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  1. I once successfully transported a watermelon on the back of my 10-speed. It was selected carefully for long thinness and tied criss-crossedly ala Gulliver in Liliput onto the wire rack over the back tire.

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