Yeah. Time for a bike ride.

You know I like the animals, pets or otherwise, and I appreciate the witty turn of phrase and, let’s face it, I’m a girl and I occasionally must adore some little, fluffy animal due purely to its innate, pink-ribbon-worthy cuteness. All this is why I have Cute Overload bookmarked on my browser. It it pure, uncut cute-crack.

And I can admit that. But I have thus far hidden a more shameful addiction, lolcats, also known as I Can Has Cheezeburger? The point of this site is for people to send in cute or funky animal pictures that they’ve labeled with impact font in netspeak so the picture is e.ven.cue.ter. Sometimes the pic/label combo really is very funny; more often, it’s merely aha…ah-worthy, but you go back due to the same psychological mechanism that underlies slot machine use — boredom. NO, I mean the possibility that this time it will pay off, as it has, irregularly, in the past.

Essentially, if Cute Overload were Jeopardy!, then lolcats would be Wheel of Fortune.

And if you become addicted to either one because of this post, we the management are not responsible.

Here is my own lolcat-type picture, complete with impact font. I have no illusions — it is in the merely aha…ah category. What do you want from me, people?! I’m on summer vacation.

(click to embiggen)


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