Summer. Yeah.

The doldrums have hit — hot weather, days of picking away at this project or that task, thinking of the new semester, and on and on and on. So nothing new to report. In the next week or so, I should 1) finish refinishing my possibly-teak outdoor furniture and 2) line a felted bag I made for my friend Robin, who just got her shiny new Ph.D. and a shiny new assistant professor job to go with it. So maybe there will be pics of wood chairs and a felt bag in the near future. Can you contain your excitement?

In other news, the West is on fire as anyone awake must know, with fires burning in and around Reno suburbs. The fires and smoke and worry and pain for local families and firefighters are things I definitely don’t miss about Reno. Of course, I haven’t had to sit in the basement during a tornado yet (let me be clear — this IS NOT a challenge to fate); that kind of scare might make an honest brush fire seem more inviting.

That’s all I got. As I said, the doldrums.


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  1. Oh, come on – don’t you miss the brown haze of smoke over the valley, the clouds of white smoke lifting from the city hillsides, the ash falling over your car? The high winds predicted for this afternoon, which are so going to make everything better?

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