Susan over at Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good sent out a general meme tag to list 8 things one’s blog readers* might not know about one. And I’m going to consider myself tagged because in the ideas-for-blog-entries department, I got nothing right now.

Item the first: I’m terrified — as in, jump around ineffectively and flap my hands and scream like a train whistle — of centipedes. And millipedes (like I can tell the difference). Even the tiny ones that look like little, mobile false eyelashes. I am not, for the record, particularly scared of spiders or snakes or bugs in general, and right now my side yard is host to 3 0r 4 nests of huge cicada-killer wasps and I think they’re pretty and interesting. But nothing — NOTHING — needs to have more than 8 legs and I don’t know what the heck God was thinking.

#2) I love to fill out forms. If it has little boxes to check and circles to color and tiny lines to fill with even tinier writing, let me at it. Magazine or internet quizzes, questionnaires, claim forms, warranty cards, catalogue order sheets — heck, I fill out forms I have no intention of ever sending in. And I don’t mean I fill them out with joke information; no, I answer each question carefully and correctly. Maybe it’s an offshoot of my love for crossword puzzles, except I did the form thing long before I started doing crosswords, so it’s probably the other way around. Perhaps I’m just a tiny bit obsessive. Oh, and I can’t stand to watch someone else fill out a form for me/for us — I gotta be in charge.

Three — When I was a child, from age 7 to around age 12, I was positive I’d grow up to be a paleontologist, specializing in, of course, dinosaurs. I could reel off names of species and eras and in the sixth grade I persuaded my teacher to let me tape butcher paper around the back walls of the classroom (like, 12 feet of paper) and spend study hall hours drawing and describing the best known dinosaurs of the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods. And let me be clear — this was in the mid-1970’s, before dinosaur-alia was everywhere and the few books I could find said they were slow, grey, dumb, etc. But they were still darn cool, as far as I was concerned.***

IV. I like to sing in the car. Loudly, whacking the steering wheel in some approximation of the beat. And sometimes head-bang a little.

Fifthly: In high school, I had an eating disorder, getting down to 100 lbs. less than I weigh now. I was so skinny, I stopped menstruating for a year and got dizzy most afternoons. I thought my lower stomach was still fat, but looking at a few old photos, I can see that hey, that bulge was made by my intestines and you could have hung coffee mugs from my hip bones.

Anyone who knows me now knows I’ve managed to get past that phase of my life!

6>. I cannot make pancakes, no matter what recipe I follow, what mix I use, what advice I’m given by well-meaning makers of fluffy, yummy pancakes. What I can make are circular, doughy objects that will absorb butter and syrup and sit in your stomach like rocks. After one of my pancakes, you don’t need to (and won’t want to) eat for the rest of the day. My French toast, however, rocks.

Seven: I think Sam Elliot and Frank Langella will be sexy until the day they die, and possibly for a few days thereafter.

VIII= I’m only revealing this to round off the required eight items. I don’t want to hear anything about it, from anyone, ever. Even typing this pains me more than I can express.

In high school, I collected unicorns.

*Right now, my blog readers are limited to my family and friends, because apparently my new WordPress blog won’t show up in search engine queries for several weeks, or maybe forever. So some readers may find they do know all 8 things (assuming I can think of eight things). If you 1) knew all 8 things before reading this and 2) are either related to me by blood or marriage (or former marriage) or knew me in Reno or Bowling Green, speak up and I’ll send you some kind of prize.**

**Disclaimer: it may not be a prize anyone in their right mind would want…..

***In college, I took a survey class in fossil geology and learned that most paleontologists study bivalves (clams) and other bottom-of-the-sea creatures. We talked about dinosaurs for about 1 week at the end of a 15-week semester. I was so disappointed.


3 responses »

  1. I collected unicorns in college.

    I’m fine with eight-legged beasties, but can’t deal with cockroaches.

    And I’m SO GLAD you got past the eating disorder!

  2. I learned lots–possibly because I was off the scene by the time you were 5 or 6. It’s very odd–I can make pancakes (Mom’s recipe) pretty well–but my French toast has always been a total waste of ingredients–always sloggy and undone in the center. Perhaps we can have a little cooking afternoon, with Leroy and Michael (and the dogs, if need be) doing a little performance-based assessment.

  3. We knew you in Reno! We’re not in our right minds! We want a prize!!

    Don’t tell Mark, but Patrick Stewart and Mike Rowe are HOT.

    I still have my unicorns.

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