It’d be a great name for a band….

In a previous post, I talked about how people using search engines like Google might end up at my page, even if the words they’re searching for were not used together in one of my posts.  For example, if I wrote one post about opera, and another post about deep-fat frying, someone searching for “deep-fat fried opera” might be directed to my blog.

As someone who uses search engines a lot — I love looking stuff up and learning about, well, almost anything — I’m fascinated by the terms other people search out on the internet. And believe me, “deep-fat fried opera” is not that far out there, search term wise.

So what terms have brought web surfers to Oats in the last few days? Well, as always, “Mississippi porn” is a popular search term. I’m also getting hits from “day of the dead” searches because of my leather jacket posts,  and, given the many times I’ve written about my Quaker parrot, Zeke, “quaker poop” isn’t that surprising (as long as the searcher really is thinking about birds, and not religious sects or breakfast foods).  “Dead husky” I find a bit disturbing. But my favorite search term this time around is “underpant bulges”. I have no idea what I may have written about to show up on such a search, and I really hope it’s not the universe trying to tell me to cut out the Peanut Butter M&Ms.


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