So I’m much too busy wringing the last drops of goofing off out of my summer to a) post much or b) think of anything worth posting about. Thus, here is a mere snippet for you and I hope soon to a) get more philosophical or b) have a life beyond knitting and library novels.*

Violet, the Havanese mix dog I adopted 4 months ago, has really blossomed into a happy, loving little girl. But she is a bit of a princess, as illustrated by what happened on our walk this a.m.

She stops to sniff a dried worm on the sidewalk. Then she very carefully peels it up, carries it over to a particularly lush patch of lawn, sets it down, and then rolls all over it with glorious abandon. Because rolling on the worm on the sidewalk would be, you know, gauche.

*Actually, I’d love a life centered around knitting and novels, but no one seems to want to pay me for reading and playing with yarn.


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