A Kingsolver moment…

In Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, key action happens at the Jesus is Lord Used Tire Shop in Tucson, Arizona. I was always amused by that detail, thinking that Kingsolver had isolated a certain type of business name and then exaggerated it for effect.

But now I know better. Walking past some roadwork near campus today, I saw a white cement mixer truck. As the barrel turned, I read the word “Joe’s”, and then “One God, One Answer” followed by God’s 800 number.* And then — and then — the largest letters, bigger in the center than at either end to mimic shape of the mixer barrel, this:


Yeah. Because Jesus was all about nationalism and when he said, “love thy neighbor,” he obviously meant, at the very most, Canada.**

* God does not take collect calls

**You know, the ones who speak English and not French. 


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  1. The very comment I was about to make–You HAVE to start carryng your camera–and possibly, e-mailng such things–with or without comment–to the university president, or putting a copy of the picture up on a bulletin board somewhere. No wonder Jesus wept.

  2. He’s also amazingly into pro and high school sports, hence the prayers before violent physical contact. Always made sense to me.

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