A little dog action

First week of school — satisfying and exhausting all at once. The livestock, of course, have been feeling deserted and unloved since I’m suddenly gone 6-8 hours a day after being home all summer. So tonight, after some quality parrot time and a good brushing for the cats, I played with the dogs and got a few pics.

Most of the pics are of Violet, the little dog I adopted last spring. She continues to blossom here at Chez Schaechterle. In the last few weeks, she’s started playing, both wrestling gently with my hand and playing growly tug of war with one of Ricky’s old, de-squeeked plush toys. And this week, she’s had two breakthroughs. First, we learned she likes to catch, snatching the toy out of the air when it’s tossed over her head. Second, and even better, just yesterday and today she picked up the toy and came to find me, rather than me initiating all our play time. Pretty nifty.

Enjoy the pics (click to embiggen).

Here’s her “come hither and play” look:


And that classic terrier play pose, butt in air:


Here you can see how hard she’s tugging. Check out that flapping ear action:


And here’s Ricky asking for a bit of play, since Violet’s getting all the attention:


And getting his wish:


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  1. Yay! Pictures again–didn’t realize how much I missed them after you moved to your present blog-site-thingy. Leroy’s comment as he walked past my enlarged pic of Violet–“Is that dog up on the furniture again?”

  2. Are you related to that scary old German catwoman that used to live down the street when I was growing up? I am not talking Julie Newmar catwoman either!

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