I haven’t posted for a bit, which has nothing to do with the new computer game I just got or the stack of novels awaiting my attention or my newest crochet fixation, muffatees.* Or just a little bit. No, a tad more than that. Yeah, there you go — that much.

In other news, in early November I’m going to a conference at Grinnell College and its local prison to see how the faculty and students have created a writing program for the prisoners. We (another faculty member and two students) will be studying their program to see how we can implement one at our nearest prison, Rockwell City. And since “Rockwell City” has the same number of syllables as “Folsom Prison,” I’ve been Johnny-Cashing about it all week.

My next post will likely be a crochet pattern for muffatees, featuring a slip stich short row, which is pretty darn clever, if I do say so myself, which, obviously, I just did.

*Crochet because I knit so slowly, winter would be over before I finished a pair. Crocheting, I can do a pair in one evening. I’m outfitting the members of my department because our building heat hasn’t been turned on yet!


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