Poor Ricky Pup…

Well, Ricky just had his second observed seizure (that is, the second time I saw him seize). I posted about a month ago about his first seizure and the dramatic rush to the vet. They did blood work and ruled out kidney/liver failure, which I guess is a first prime concern. They advised me to keep a log of observed seizures, which I just started. I’m heading over to the vet in a few minutes to pick up some cat food, so I’ll discuss this with them, as well.

Given Ricky’s beagle heritage, epilepsy is the most probable diagnosis, and if seizures remain mild and infrequent, I understand he won’t even need medication. Right now, he’s resting and seems fine, if a little needy of his mama. Anyway, say a prayer or spare a thought for my beagle/husky guy.



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  1. Your poor little pup! One of my childhood beagles had epilepsy. We gave him pills for a while, but he seemed to have seizures either way, so we gave up on them when he started to refuse to eat them. How bad must something taste for a beagle to say “no thanks”? BTW, I came across your blog about a year ago when looking for blogs by female academics. I kept reading because I’m always curious about outsiders acclimating to IA, my home state.

  2. Well poor Ricky–it’s one thing to have no control of shedding hair, but to have no control of muscles and movements, however briefly–that’s just unfair for such a considerate little guy, so put-upon by kitties and violeties and quaker birdies.
    Give him a pat for me.

  3. Don’t rule out a heart murmur, either. Normy was seizing alot. I thought it was liver/kidney, too. But, the vet said it was prob bc of the murmur…one pill a day and he’s had very few since then.

  4. Our beagle, Lilly, had epilepsy and it was easy to control. She got two tiny phenobarbitol (sp?) pills a day. We hid them in cheese and she never hesitated to eat them. She lived to be 17, never losing her energy or her wonderful beagleness. The drug was really cheap and completely stopped her seizures once we figured out the right dosage with our vet (I admit that took a few months of trial and error). It was such a relief when we got it worked out. It is awful watching a pet have a seizure. Good luck!

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