What’s your take on this?

Okay, 5 weeks to the end of the semester and I’m swamped. But instead of my annual shutting down of the blog, I’ll just post little things as time permits.

So, what do you think about this:  Mo’s Bacon bar? Dark chocolate with bits of applewood smoked bacon. Genius confection, or sign of the looming apocalypse?



3 responses »

  1. Yeah, Mark and I saw that at the local Whole Paycheck. That candy bar is just not right. Even with Mark’s addiction to chocolate and our love of bacon, it’s still not right. Now the Woolloomooloo, that’s something to ponder….

  2. Dang–guess I have to vote for “sign of the looming apocalypse'” coming as it does right on the heels of Robertson throwing support to Guilliani (sp?)–just as long as said apocalypse holds off until I get one of those bacon-chocolate bars.

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