Buy Toro!

I just went out to fire up the Toro electric snow blower and, well, blow some snow. But plugging the extension cord into the unit requires one to turn a plastic key to remove a guard at the plug in site. The key is gone and nowhere to be found (probably under the snow from the last snow blow!).

I called Toro’s customer service and they are sending a new key immediately. That’s good service, but that’s not blog post-worthy in itself.

Here’s the amazing part: I dialed the number, pressed “3” for all services other than irrigation, and immediately got to talk to a real, live person. No circular hell of punching numbers, no automated invitations to use the website, no optimistic voice informing me that my call is important and would I please hold for 10 minutes while listening to music any decent elevator would be ashamed to play. Just a nice young woman who helped me.

I don’t think I’ve had a customer service phone call like that since the early 1990’s.

Speaking of the early ’90s, now I have to go remove snow the old fashioned way. By flirting up a man to do it for me. NO, I have to shovel. Shoveling’s way less work than getting my body into flirting shape and, in the end, I won’t have some guy clumping around my house needing me to pay attention to him rather than to my novel.


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  1. Same thing with the fine folks at Weber BBQs — great customer service …. Jan called to order a part (or something) for our 3-4yr old gas Weber — they asked her how its was holding up … she said ‘OK” but the metal bars that sit right over the flames (not what you BBQ on) were rusting. They said that shouldn’t happen and sent a new set for free along with the doo-dad

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