Coming ’round again….

Regular readers may remember that I spent much of last January in the bathtub, drinking fruit juice with brandy and tearfully pretending I wasn’t really worried about my looming breast surgery.

I’ve got to say, this January is progressing in a much more satisfactory manner.

After returning from a sybaritic 8 days in Kansas, I spent a few days hanging out with the livestock, reading mystery novels, and buying a bit of fabric. This week, I’ve cut out and halfway finished a corduroy skirt, spent a morning at a friend’s house piecing quilts for Project Linus,* and spent last night at another friend’s house with her, her almost-4-year-old daughter, buddy Kathy, and three other friends, having Craft Night. I knitted,** Kathy and Donna made earrings, Katherine cross-stitched, Ellen knitted, Stella, the four year old, strung a necklace and asked endless questions, and Chase, our host, embroidered a quilt square AND made earrings — her first pair ever, perfect and artsy. But we like her anyway.  Next Tuesday we will quilt for Project Linus again, and Wednesday have another craft night.

Lest we forget, however, the fleeting nature of contentment, my yearly mammogram is happening about an hour from now. Cross your fingers, please, for a good, clean reading — I’m all out of brandy and I haven’t scrubbed the tub in a couple of months.

*not that I know much at all about quilting, nor did my buddy Kathy. But Bev, whose house and fabric and project is was, marshaled our forces like a general d’calico, and graciously ripped out our mistakes without (too much) comment.

**Xmas present for my friend Robin. Robin, you’ll be getting this around Ground Hog Day, ‘kay?***

***and Jennifer, I haven’t forgotten you. Your prezzie is half crocheted and will be finished next time I settle down for an evening of Angel, first season.****

****In A Christmas Carol, Dickens asks us to keep Christmas in our hearts all year round. Crafters, of course, do just that, but with a sense of frustration Dickens probably didn’t intend.


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